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Solutions at Site Maker Online

Site Maker Online is providing end to end Software Solutions especially Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, E-Commerce Applications & Responsive Web Design services. Headquartered in Chandigarh, India. As Well established leader in software development it’s consistently delivers quality software solutions to clients across the world.

Our customers have always found an integrated business promotion solution more valuable than a simple web presence. Driven by this preference of our customers, we have built ourselves on the key pillars of smart people & smart solutions for business promotion. We have developed an integrated solution delivery framework which incorporates B2B marketplaces, internet technology and industry knowledge.

We have chosen a strategic Delivery Relationship model that delivers ace service and premium quality products to our clients at affordable prices.

The company provides its assistance even when your company is a start-up and still need to conceptualize its ideas and concept’s vision with alluring visuals to persuade investors or in need to extend in-house team to meet tech competence, time & budget expectations. We are committed towards building lasting partnerships with our clients by ensuring satisfaction and success.

Customer Relationship Management

A perfectly planned and executed CRM helps companies to increase productivity and loyalty of customers, generate repeat business, cost reduction and improvement in business results in a short span of time. It's easy to customize and can easily be adopted by new users, companies of various sizes. Dynamics CRM is available in on-premise and cloud based versions.

Enterprises Resources Planning

Dynamics ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution developed by Site Maker Online for mid size to large organizations. It's basically used for managing the financial data and reports of organizations which are required during future business planning. It also plays an important role in managing the supply chain by completely automating repetitious tasks and helping employees to focus on more important tasks at hand.

Infrastructure Management Solution

Are you not able to manage your business growth, support global networks, applications & databases? Is that adversely affecting your internal resources? Site Maker Online is providing you list of solutions to organize your IT infrastructure management in most effectively & efficiently. Before reaching to any conclusions, we will thoroughly check the feasibility and exact requirement through our qualified team of professionals. Our robust Infrastructure support services are available without any time constraints.

Sales & Marketing Strategies Consulting

Globalization & tough competition has left customers/clients with more choices to buy only from selected vendors & price comparison. Rapid customization & extreme price pressure has brought down the business volumes ,market shares are shrinking due to competitions for excellence of the quality of product/services. In addition to this new consumer segment is emerging in developing countries its needs & wants are rapidly changing with technological environment. In this fast changing business environment we need to adopt a different & unique sales leads generation strategy. In this era of advanced technology, if you are using the traditional ways of marketing.

Software Testing Solution

Basically, software testing is very important factor to decide the success of final product, which is designed to evaluate the different attributes of software and to check whether the product has been competent enough to meet the desired results. Software testing is essential process of any software development project, so the quality analyst & tester must ensure that newly developed products is completing the required functionality & performing perfectly under even load time. It helps the company to improve the quality, cost & time saving on the re-developing process of the software product. Software testing supports to find out any bug. Because of all the key factor is has its own important role in IT industry.